General Javascript FAQ

  1. What is JavaScript?
  2. Is JavaScript Supported?
  3. What do I do if:

1. What is Java?
JavaScript is a client-side scripting language which runs at the browser not the server.

2. Is JavaScript Supported?
Yes. JavaScript is supported. Java servlets are not.

3. What do I do if:

  • Nothing Happens?
    Most likely, you are probably using a very old browser that does not support Javascript. If the script you are trying to run is functional you should either get the script effect or a JavaScript error code of some sort.
  • I Get An Error Code With a JavaScript?
    Make note of the line the error code is coming from. That is, the line from the top of the page, not the top of the JavaScript. Count <html> as line 1. Error codes can usually be fixed by making sure the script is in the exact form as it was when it was placed on your site. Make sure the line wasn't chopped off or wrapped.
  • It Works On My Computer, But Not When Posted?
    It may have been corrupted via the FTP transfer. Remember, when uploading text files (e.g. HTML), you should always use ASCII mode. 

    Also, make sure your are connecting to the correct location - i.e. your actual domain hosting location and not your personal storage space which comes with all RCN dial-up accounts.

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