Setting up Form Mailers

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The following information is provided for example purposes only. RCN Commercial Customer Service is unable to provide support or consultation regarding this form or any other scripting issue.

You may use a perl module called Mail::Sendmail for Perl

1. use Mail::Sendmail;
3. %mail = (
4. To => 'Person ',
5. From => '',
6. Subject => 'Test message',
7. 'X-Mailer' => "Mail::Sendmail version $Mail::Sendmail::VERSION",
8. );
9. $mail{'mESSaGE : '} = "The message key looks terrible, but works.";
11. sendmail( %mail);
1. This includes the perl module
2. blank line
3. Create a hash to hold the mail object
4. A valid email address to send the email to
5. Required: a valid email address from your domain.
6. This will be the title of your email message.
7. This is an additional header in the email.
8. End of hash
9. This is the main body of the email
10. blank line
11. Send the email message

The site below has some instruction on using Aspmail. (Windows hosting only)

1. Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")
2. Mailer.FromName = "Website"
3. Mailer.FromAddress= ""
4. Mailer.RemoteHost = ""
5. Mailer.AddRecipient "Domain Webmaster", ""
6. Mailer.Subject = "Form Submission"
1. This line creates the mail object for asp. DO NOT ALTER THIS LINE
2. Optional, this text will appear in the "from" field on the email message that is sent. You may use an email address here.
3. Required: a valid email address from your domain.
4. Required: This should be set to ""
5. Required: and in two parts. The first part ("Domain Webmaster") can be any name or an email address. The second part ("") must be a valid email address.
6. This will be the title of your email message.

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